‘Infinite London’: London Visual Arts (LoVArts) Call For Submissions Heads Into Final Week

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 15.15.50
“London goes beyond any boundary or convention. It contains every wish or word ever spoken, every action or gesture ever made, every harsh or noble statement ever expressed. It is illimitable. It is infinite London.”

Peter Ackroyd

‘Infinite London’, a project by LoVArts – London Visual Arts, runs 16-19 October 2014, taking place in The Vaults, an iconic venue set beneath London’s Waterloo Station.

Inspired by London as a living, breathing, screaming entity, ‘Infinite London’ will be a visual, sensory and immersive exhibition, embodying those qualities of the city as perfectly captured by Peter Ackroyd in his book ‘London: The Biography’.

LoVArts invites artists in all stages of their career to submit concepts for work to be included in this major project, which will take place concurrently with London Frieze Week. In keeping with the organisation’s focus – to build a platform and create a network for the very best emerging talent, across all disciplines of art – LoVArts will look in particular to those artists yet to have major representation.

Through this, LoVArts intends to match the animated nature of London with refined but vibrant entries from all selected artists. Artists will be selected by a professional panel of curators (with cumulative experience across some of London’s most prestigious institutes, including V&A, the British Museum, the Science Museum and the Royal Academy of Arts). The exhibition will be linked in terms of artistic inspiration – London – and joint objective – obtaining the level of exposure that unrepresented artists deserve.

LoVArts’ mission is to deliver an excellent art event where talented London artists, regardless of their funds, can showcase their work and be discovered by art professionals and audiences alike.

Submissions open until 31st July at http://lovarts.co.uk/infinite-london-submission/

As a not-for-profit organization, LoVArts needs your help in building the legacy of ‘Infinite London’, a project intended to become an annual event and high point in London’s cultural calendar.

You can help by spreading the word and getting involved in the crowd-funding campaign via Indiegogo.



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Rising UK Rapper Antix Drops New Single, September 8th

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 12.51.22

“His talent is genre crossing, in a very honest, grown up sense”  - Huffington Post

Antix releases new single Breathless on 8 September 2014. This year has seen him enter the top 10 of the Music Week Urban Charts with his two previous singles, as well as his inclusion in the MTV Brand New 2014 shortlist.

The video for last single Smile holds over 110K views on VEVO, where it saw its debut before being featured with MUZU TV and SBTV also. Antix’s music has also seen regular support from the likes of GRM Daily, Spindle Magazine and Flavour Mag.

New release Breathless draws from everything from World Music and Classical instruments to golden-era hip hop acts such as Nas and Wu Tang. The combination of Antix’s unique flow, backing cellos and the dub-step infused beats are simply a step above.

Breathless addresses the inner-workings of all artists and the frequent frustration they can incur in the pursuit of their art; even name-checking such trailblazers as Picasso and Dali in his verses. Shunning the bravado and materialism of his contemporaries, Antix is finally a UK rapper with a real message.


Breathless is out 8 September 2014.


Twitter: @Globalantix



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New Art Scholarship by Hirst’s Favourite British Abstract Artist Aims to Level the Playing Field for Young Artists


John Hoyland, Memory Mirror

John Hoyland, Memory Mirror

The inaugural John Hoyland Scholarship has been launched at the Chelsea College of Arts in memory of the late John Hoyland, one of Britain’s leading abstract painters. 
It is hoped the scholarship will encourage students from less privileged backgrounds to apply for the College’s MA course in Fine Art.
Hoyland was a former lecturer at Chelsea College of Arts and Central Saint Martins, and founded Chelsea’s first nationally recognised Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art in 1965. He was one of a cohort of brilliant young artist–teachers at Chelsea that included Pop artist Allen Jones, Howard Hodgkin and Patrick Caulfield. His work Memory Mirror has just been named one of the top ten artworks to be included in the Art Everywhere Exhibition, the UK’s biggest art exhibition.
Applications to MA courses at the Chelsea College of Arts are noticeably fewer this year, a fact Dean George Blacklock puts down to increased tuition fees putting applicants off even considering further education – particularly in the arts.
Blacklock says, “Fees are a fact of life now, but scholarships such as the John Hoyland and the Frank Bowling Scholarship are key to nurturing students of John’s calibre.”
Damien Hirst, a friend and longtime champion and collector of John and his work, says,  “In my eyes John Hoyland was by far the greatest British abstract painter and an artist who was never afraid to push the boundaries.
John was an artist who often felt like an outsider himself and understood that artists don’t fit into a neat system. John would have loved this scholarship, nurturing new creative and artistic talent and creating opportunities for artists from all reaches of life who can’t easily get funding. A scholarship like this is amazing.”
George Blacklock continues: “John was one of the principal architects of the Chelsea College brand, and his contribution to the College, as in the case of his contribution to British art, cannot be underestimated. Both an artist and a teacher, he made an immense contribution to Chelsea and the debt we owe him is tremendous.”
Born into a working-class family, John Hoyland was passionate about art as an alternative to mainstream education. Rather than take the traditional grammar school route, he studied at Sheffield School of Art from 1951 to 1956 and then at the Royal Academy Schools from 1956 to 1960. 
Hoyland’s widow Beverley Heath-Hoyland says, ‘John had himself benefited from similar generosity – if it hadn’t been for a grant from the Yorkshire Education Authority he would never have had the funds to stay on at the Royal Academy Schools and pursue his ambition of becoming an artist.
Established by the John Hoyland Trust, the Scholarship will support a UK or EU student on the MA Fine Art course at Chelsea College of Arts by fully funding their course fees of £8,500 and will be awarded according to financial need and academic merit.
All applications must be received by noon Friday 25th July 2014.


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After Nyne Meets….’Halfway to Seventy-Five’ Festival Founder Will Banks


Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 14.29.42

This Saturday, Oxford will welcome the next big thing in UK country music to perform alongside the cream of local talent in a day-long celebration of the very best of American music.

Following a sell-out debut in 2013, Halfway to Seventy-Five, the city’s very own festival of Americana, roots and good honest music, is back. Set in the beautiful surroundings of the Isis Farmhouse at Iffley Lock, it covers everything from rhythm & blues to rockabilly.

We caught up with Halfway to Seventy-Five founder Will Banks last week for an After Nyne exclusive.

Will, take us back in time – tell us about the roots of Halfway to Seventy-Five

I’d long harboured an ambition to put on some sort of music festival, and a couple of years ago I finally decided to just go for it. The first one last year actually grew out of a plan to put on some sort of birthday party to mark me turning 37 and a half, hence the name – Halfway to 75.
The 2013 festival sold out; were you expecting that kind of take-up?
I honestly had no idea what to expect. It was nerve-wracking and exhilarating in equal measure. I thought I’d assembled a good line-up, but I was certainly nervous.
What is it about the Americana scene that resonates for you?
I just love the music – if you blur the boundaries a little, ‘Americana’ is a real catch-all term encompassing many of my favourite genres – soul, country, jazz, R&B, rock ‘n’ roll. They’re all represented at Halfway to 75.
Tell us about the line-up
It’s a diverse bunch! Our special guests are Ward Thomas, who are well on the way to being the next big thing in UK country music. Their single is on the A list at Radio 2, they recorded their album in Nashville, and something tells me they are going to be big news on the country scene. Alongside them we have the Knights of Mentis, a brilliant Oxfordshire-based nine piece band playing music based in roots, folk and country.
We have a couple of returning acts – Empty White Circles wowed the crowds last year so it’s great to welcome them back. Nick Cope will be entertaining the youngsters once again with his terrifically inventive and lovable songs, and Ronnie Ripple & the Ripchords make the trip up from South London to lay on more great rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll. BBC Radio 3′s ‘Jazz Record Requests’ presenter Alyn Shipton will be playing the best of the Great American Songbook with his exceptional trio.
Our line-up is completed by Reichenbach Falls, Swindlestock, and Lancashire-based singer-songwriter Jess Roberts.
Who are your own favourite artists/influences?
Where to start? I have a real love of soul music, especially the stuff recorded in Muscle Shoals in the late 60s and early 70s – so much great music came out of this tiny little rural town in deepest Alabama. Funnily enough one of my favourite current artists, Jason Isbell, also hails from Muscle Shoals. His most recent album ‘Southeastern’ is amazing.
What would you like people to take away from Halfway to Seventy-Five?
I just hope they take away fond memories of a lovely day by the river listening to great music.

Advance tickets for Halfway to Seventy-Five are now available from www.wegottickets.com, priced at £12 for adults and £7 for under 13s. Under 5s are free, and evening only tickets are a single price of £7.



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After Nyne Meets….UK Country Music Sensations Ward Thomas

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 15.51.51


Country is being re-born…(Ward-Thomas are)…fresh artists with country influences and the dexterity to create a credible home grown version of the music– Sunday Times Culture

With the sounds of Country music permeating in the UK after the success of the hit television series Nashville, people both within and outside the music business have been asking – where are Britain’s home-grown country stars? Ward Thomas may well be providing some of the answers. They are on the threshold of becoming one of the first genuine major British Country acts.

Ward Thomas are 20-year old twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas from Hampshire. Whilst in sixth form, a rough demo of the Ward Thomas track “Footnotes” found its way into the hands of Nashville’s most respected session musicians, leading to the recording of a debut album ‘From Where We Stand’ (out 21st July) that could spearhead a UK Country sound.

After Nyne were thrilled to be able to meet with the Ward Thomas sisters last week for exclusive insight into their sound, and how they feel about spearheading a contemporary UK country music movement.


Ladies, I’m sure you hear this all the time but..Hampshire..Nashville..as far removed from each other as could possibly be. What is it about country music that resonated with you from such an early age?

We have always sung together but started off in a classical choir at our school. Catherine was the Alto and I (Lizzy) was the Soprano. We used to go home and practice our parts together. So we have always harmonised together and when we heard the harmonies and the melodies of Country music we absolutely loved it. We have also both been big on story telling whilst growing up. And we loved the way Country music tells you a story with the lyrics, melody and the harmonies. So we wanted to tell people our own story by mixing our English upbringing into the Country music style.

Which artists did you have exposure to growing up, and what influence did this have on you?

Our parents were in an old 60’s and 70’s rock cover band when we were growing up. So we were exposed to many artists and bands like the ‘Kinks’, ‘The Beatles’, ‘Blondie’, and so on. We loved this music growing up and I think it gave us a good education on music early on. However, when our cousin came over to England she ended up living with us for a few years and exposing us to artists such as the ‘Dixie Chicks’, ‘Carrie Underwood’, ‘Tim McGraw’, and so on. We were completely sold and influenced hugely especially by the ‘Dixie Chicks’. Our grandmother has always loved country music too like ‘Loretta Lynn’ and ‘Patsy Cline’ and that contributed to the influence country music had on us when we were growing up.

Tell us about the evolution of Ward Thomas as an act – when did you both decide that this was what you wanted to do?

We have always wanted to sing together and go into something to do with music when growing up, though we started to write songs when we were set on wanting to make this a career. We realised how much we loved writing, performing and meeting new people all the time. And so we realised this was where we really wanted to go.

When was your first major indication that people where sitting up and recognising what you were trying to achieve?

When we were in school, we always spoke seriously about it. But it was in our last year of school when we went to Nashville and people took notice over there –  that really made us think through our career choices. It was when we got back from our first trip to Nashville that people had started to notice what we were trying to do.

No A-list songwriters..but a cracking Nashville-based production team. How did the dynamic of the different members of the team contribute to the sound and feel of the record?

We were very lucky to get to work with some of the most respected musicians in Nashville. We were wowed by how in tune all of the musicians were with each other. You can see how they have played together for years. I think that really helped with the production of the record. The producers Chris Rodriguez and Bobby Blazier were also the players on all of the songs on our album and Chris was the Musical Director. This helped hugely with the production as they both understood our songs and our sound very well.

Some acts ‘act’ country..others just ‘are’. You girls ‘are’. What do you think are the qualities in your work, and yourselves that enable that genuine country spirit to break through?

Everything we write about is from real life experiences. We grew up on a farm in the English countryside and although we are influenced by American Country music we like to put our own spin on it.

How does it feel to be leading the ‘British Country’ surge?

That’s very nice of you to say :). We are very passionate about the country music scene. We are hoping with our fellow country artists such as ‘The Shires’ that we all bring the real Country to the UK.

Finally, what’s next for Ward Thomas?

We have many exciting gigs coming up. We are currently on tour, doing summer festivals and plenty of great venues. Our album is out really soon on the 21st of July. We are very excited about that!


Pre-order the album here and get new single “Push For The Stride” as an instant track:




Ward Thomas will be playing the following dates this summer:



10th – The Musician, Leicester (w/ The Webb Sisters)

12th – Americana Festival, Leicestershire

12th – Meonfest, Petersfield

16th – The Castle, Manchester

17th – Puzzle Hall, Sowerby Bridge

18th – Fort San-Antone, Blackpool

19th – Chagstock, Devon

20th – Guilfest, Guilford

25th – Green Note, London

26th – Halfway to 75 Festival, Oxford


2nd – Cheese & Grain, Frome

5th – Mr Wolf’s, Bristol

6th – The Live Lounge, Weston-super-Mare

7th – Phoenix, Exeter

8th – The Lamb Inn, Sandford, Devon

9th – South Devon Arts Centre, Totnes

12th – Bread & Roses, Plymouth

14th – The Taphouse, St Agnes

15th – The Good Intent, Petersfield

17th – Talking Heads, Southampton

31st – Weyfest (Rustic Stage)



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Dean Melbourne Gallery 8 Show Extended to Saturday July, 26th


Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 10.33.12
It’s been announced that Young British painter Dean Melbourne’s first solo show in London has been extended to Saturday July 26th.
One of the central works in Garland – the solo show presented by contemporary curators Coates and Scarry at Gallery 8 on Duke Street, will be White Phosphor, whose darker sister, Black Phosphor is down the road as part of the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition.
Garland alludes to the painter’s longing for a personal Arcadia. The works in Garland reveal Melbourne’s sense of “internal contradiction”. A often precariously balanced interplay between darkness and light, masculine and feminine, rural and urban, contemporary and ancient, the commonplace and the arcane. Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 10.37.44
This work establishes a practice of exploring these contradiction and navigating to and from and between. An inward exploration attempting to reveal a multiplicity and complex nature that is familiar to us all. 
The large pastel work, The Riddle, marks a return to an investigation into a complex relationship with femininity, and is informed by the palette and source images appropriated from fashion editorials, catalogues and wedding photography. Melbourne has created a kaleidoscopic world that is as vague and unavailable to the viewer as authentic femininity is to the artist. Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 10.33.27
Dean Melbourne’s works talk to our primal selves, of sexuality and of fetish and ritual, our base needs. Sometimes dark and using the cover of night as a vehicle for obscured nocturnal activity, through to the ephemeral yet potent version of soft focus, lightness, otherworldly most mystical forms of the feminine. Associating freely between sources and images and subjects in a way that an internet native generation finds normal. 
Melbourne paints in layers, using a variety of paints -  emulsions, oils, washes, glazes, household gloss, and includes in his work references to inspiration as varied as The Magus, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Keats and Shelley.
Dean Melbourne (b.1976) has exhibited widely including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2009 and 2010 and at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol in 2012.  He is represented by Coates and Scarry. 
Coates and Scarry curate and exhibit internationally groundbreaking shows. Recent exhibitions include Unnatural-Natural History at the Royal West of England Academy in 2012 and Trailblazers at Above Second, Hong Kong in 2013.


‘Utterly Spellbinding’ Johanna Glaza To Launch New EP ‘Letter to New York’ July 23rd

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 17.30.34


“She’s a singular talent with visionary, forward-thinking ideas.”


“Utterly spellbinding… irresistibly gorgeous”


Amidst the skyscrapers of New York Johanna Glaza had a vision of what her music could be. Music like glass, intricate and fragile, different from every angle, but sharp and cutting when shattered.

Johanna’s first EP (November 2013) was a stepping-stone, it showed the arc of her melodies, the poise of her voice, her flights of fancy. The second EP, Letter to New York, is a bolder leap into the unknown. There is rich interplay here between the evocative vocals, flowing strings, layers of chimes, ephemeral drones, percussive backing vocals, and the growing confidence of her piano and ukulele.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 17.28.16

An increasingly non-linear songwriter, Johanna fills her work with a depth of stirring choruses, unexpected bridges, and the surprising changes in dynamics exemplified by the movements of Letter to New YorkDistance also represents a departure in song structure, written more like a Steve Reich loop than a traditional verse-chorus-verse pattern. The visceral Letter to New York, the relentless Distance, the ebb and flow of Tiger, and finally the sorrowful, plaintive descent into the Wonderland reflect disparate voices from the single shattered whole.

Never content to sit still, Johanna’s vision isn’t simply to create pretty music, or even emotional music, but to bring the listener with her, to immerse them in her unfamiliar world. Letter to New York represents an attempt to point out the direction of Johanna’s vision without arriving there completely, it’s a journey that’s well worth joining.

Listen to Letter to New York here:



See Letter to New York EP launch (23rd July) details here:



Johanna Glaza online:


Meng Reveals SS15 Collection in the Mode City Lingerie Catwalk Finale

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 16.51.13

After a successful first season, fashion brand Meng have returned to Paris to show their SS15 loungewear collection in a spectacular catwalk finale.

Quickly making a name for themselves for their luxury silk kimonos, gowns and beachwear, Meng’s first collection is being stocked by Selfridges in the UK, Neiman Marcus in USA, Tsum in Russia and Steffl in Austria, alongside a few exclusive boutiques around Europe.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 16.51.55For SS15, the unique art-inspired prints that make Meng’s loungewear truly one-of-a-kind have evolved with new, fresh colours for the Cherry Blossom and Zodiac print families and the introduction of the Phoenix print, a lively and fiery design that makes for tropical and lively kaftans and beach cover ups.

Meng, which was founded in London in 2013, will have two stands at Mode City this season, one showcasing loungewear and one showcasing beachwear. The catwalk promised, and delivered, an exciting performance closing with Meng as the glamorous finale.

Following the Mode City show, Meng will be taking the collection to Curve in New York in August for their first American trade show.

For more pictures of the SS15 Collection visit 



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Are You The Next Big Thing? Fame Music Presents The World Electronic Music Contest

Sister Bliss by Robby Bone

Sister Bliss by Robby Bone


Dynamic online platform Fame Music, alongside leading dance music brand Mixmag, is on the hunt for the next big thing.

This Summer, the World Electronic Music Contest will offer a unique opportunity for up & coming DJ/ producer talent to release their own music on renowned DJ Sister Bliss’s respected label Junkdog Records, and play at some of the hottest clubs in the world including the legendary Together Night at Amnesia, Pukka Up, and Cream in Ibiza.

From Monday 7 July hopeful contenders can upload one original track to Fame Music, a unique social hub for unsigned and professional musicians, where users vote for their favourites. 25 semifinalists will then be asked to upload a 20 minute mix, which will be judged exclusively by a professional panel who will select the 10 finalists.

Voters have an incentive to get involved, as one lucky winner will also bag a return trip to Ibiza with a friend. The panel of judges who will reside over the competition is a who’s who of people you need to know to make it in the music industry, they are Sister Bliss (DJ & producer), Nick Stevenson (Mixmag), Cody Chapman (AM Only Agent), Will Blake (Live Nation), and Robin Nixon (GRAMMYS/ edm.me).

Further to this, other patrons of the project include Karl Nielson who discovered the world’s biggest dance channel UKF, hit producer Damon Elliot (Pink, Beyonce), and producer Denis Ingoldsby (Bodyrockers). The final stage will see 10 promising producers uploading a 30 second video introducing themselves and their original track. The winner will be announced on 25 August after votes are recorded by both the public, and the professional panel. On 1st September, a winner will be jetting off for the first leg of their international tour; a week in Ibiza to play at some of the Island’s coolest spots.

As well as taking part in a world tour to some of the biggest dance music cities also including Dubai and Las Vegas, the winning DJ will also release an original track with a respected record label Junkdog Records.

“We are very excited to launch the World Electronic Music Contest.Fame allows music creatives around the world to showcase themselves online, and connect with some very respected industry professionals. We hope through this competition we find some great talent.” Marco Bettelli – CEO, Fame Music

Offering a new way to connect with music & media professionals and share new sounds from around the world, Fame is a completely free to use, innovative platform, and part of the Fame Group; designed to bring the world’s creative communities together. Fame Music was founded by Romy Hawatt renowned entrepreneur and former C.E.O. of the SAE Group (the world’s largest creative media educator).

Fame Music




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Beats By Dr. Dre Go Golden to Celebrate Germany’s Victory

Naomi Campbell by Rankin

Naomi Campbell by Rankin


To celebrate the sound of winning and to congratulate Germany, Beats by Dr. Dre have created the ultimate prize to go with the ultimate sporting victory a set of 24 (for the 23 man squad and manager), 24 carat gold dipped Beats Pro’s, which will be gifted to the German team.

To commemorate the win, Beats have commissioned fashion photographer Rankin to create a celebratory salute to the victory starring the Gold Beats Pro headphones and Naomi Campbell, titled ‘Golden’. The new work see’s Naomi as the World Cup trophy adorned in gold high fashion and sporting the Gold Beats Pros.

Beats Pros are the gold standard of headphones used by musicians in the studio, designed to deliver the same level of emotion and power the artist intended when they recorded. Now adopted by top athletes from a variety of sports across the world to get them in the zone, these Special 24c Gold Pro Headphones are the perfect prize for an amazing sporting achievement.

Naomi Campbell by Rankin

Naomi Campbell by Rankin

Speaking about the shoot, Naomi Campbell commented; “Working on the ‘Golden’ project with Beats by Dr. Dre was so much fun.  The shoot was loud and energetic…I even got to practice my football skills! This was the first time I’ve had the chance to work with the legendary Rankin, so it was a dream shoot. The ‘Golden’ project is the perfect way to celebrate the German victory and I’m glad to be a part of this campaign.”

Speaking on the Beats by Dr. Dre commission, Rankin commented; “Beats by Dr.Dre are mixing their link to sport with one of today’s most recognisable fashion icons. Naomi, one of the most well-known supermodels in the world, is a great partnership – it’s her attitude I really love, it’s the perfect pairing.”

Click here to watch the video

Buy the Champagne Gold Studios to get the look available from: beatsbydre.com



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