Finest Fizz & Michaeljohn Team Up for An Unforgettable Evening of Luxury

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 15.54.35A match made in heaven and the only love affair worth gossiping about this autumn…

After the thrilling summer launch of the esteemed ‘Skinny’ Rose Champagne, Finest Fizz and Michaeljohn are again teaming up for a magnificent evening of bubbles and pampering. On Wednesday October 22nd, the luxurious salon and artisan champagne retailer are hosting an open evening - bringing together the best of both worlds within fizz and beauty. 

Taking place in the beautiful Michaeljohn branch in Mayfair, the night will feature stunning manicures and exclusive champagne from experts within both fields. Guest will get to sample a handpicked selection of the Finest Fizz bubbles in addition to some of the exclusive services the acclaimed Mayfair salon has to offer.

Michaeljohn’s beauty girls will be on place to introduce treatments such as semi permanent makeup, hydra facial tasters, and laser hair removal, while Howard Abernethy, the owner of Finest Fizz, will be there to talk about the different champagnes, featured on the evening.

Champagne company and online retailer, Finest Fizz launched last year delivering some of the best Grand Cru and Premier Cru independent champagnes from France. Sourced from several small artisan producers across the Champagne region, the husband and wife team behind Finest Fizz, Howard and Randi Abernethy, have selected the most sumptuous bubbly around, buildings friendships along the way. Howard is also available to offer guided champagne tastings, and plan to host a series of them in partnership with Michaeljohn.

Wednesday 22nd October
6pm – 9pm
25 Albemarle St, London W1S 4HU

Twitter: Finestfizz
Instagram: Finest_Fizz

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My Dear Foe: First Solo Show By Iva Troj Hits Imitate Modern, Sept 23-25


Embrace Me, oil pastel, ink and acrylic on canvas 80x66cm. 2014 © Iva Troj

Embrace Me, oil pastel, ink and acrylic on canvas 80x66cm. 2014 © Iva Troj

Roberta Moore Contemporary is delighted to present My Dear Foe, the first UK solo show by artist Iva Troj. The exhibition runs 23 – 28 September 2014 at Imitate Modern.

A 2013 Towry National Open Art Prize Winner, Iva Troj seamlessly incorporates her vast experience of traditional painting techniques with postmodern elements to create engaging Renaissance-style works that challenge the notion of societal conformity.

Born in Bulgaria, Troj creates work originating fundamentally in the crossing of two major paths, confounded in a physical movement from her homeland.

Knowledge of traditional art techniques were first inspired by the necessity to fit within Cold War aesthetics of social realism. Alongside this, however, lay an acute perception of the reality existent beneath external structures: “There was little truth in the muscular bodies and unnatural strength of heroes cultivating themselves in order to sacrifice their lives for some unrealistic communist goal. When I was growing up nudes were muscular, their faces almost cubistic and their surroundings and actions always carrying some form of ideology. Thus I grew up longing for softness and loving expressions. I’ve seen it in the Thracian murals on the Black Sea but one wasn’t allowed to paint this way.”

Embrace Wave, oil pastel, ink and acrylic on canvas 60x60cm. 2014 © Iva Troj

Embrace Wave, oil pastel, ink and acrylic on canvas 60x60cm. 2014 © Iva Troj

Iva Troj Introduced to digital technology in the early ’90s, her use of computer-based tools and techniques has allowed her to sketch and test concepts before painting, resulting in the surprising – at times startling – compositions and juxtapositions that make up her final canvases. From this intersection of old and new Iva Troj’s technique has evolved into something very personal.

Troj has long been inspired by Japanese art and culture – traditional and contemporary – evident in the strange characters and icons which populate her landscapes alongside nude renaissance figures. It would be straightforward to assimilate Troj’s work with some sort of allegory. However, the artist is open in expressing the danger in utilizing this as a tool that is often too culture specific. Instead, by breaking up classical motifs, Troj introduces parallel stories in a postmodern shift, binding the inescapably contemporary with revived histories.

This exhibition takes its title, My Dear Foe, from an earlier painting by the artist, of the same name, but is reflective of Iva Troj’s most integral thought processes. “I often quote my son, who, aged eight, said “Art is about breaking things in the right places.” He came up with it while listening to me prepare for a design lecture around the concept of juxtaposition.

Roberta Moore Contemporary

For information / enquiries regarding Roberta Moore Contemporary:

T: +44(0)7919667059



Imitate Modern

T: +44(0)02074869927

A: 27A Devonshire St, Marylebone, London W1G 6PN


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Picasso & Spanish Modernity at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, September 20th – January 25th 2015

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 13.29.06

An exhibition reviewing Picasso’s influence on Modernism and Spain, with works from the collection of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid

A major new exhibition, Picasso and Spanish Modernity, will bring together a broad selection of works by the great master from the collection of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid. Reflecting on Picasso’s influence on every aspect of art in the 20th century, the exhibition will also highlight his interaction and influence on other leading Spanish artists including Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Juan Gris, María Blanchard and Julio González.

Broken down into nine sections, the exhibition brings together here – for the very first time – the styles, the aesthetic constants and the principles of the creative force elaborated by Picasso and by other Spanish painters responsible for the development of modern art. Picasso and Spanish Modernity will illustrate Picasso’s influence on Spanish art and highlight the most decisive marks that Picasso’s interaction with other Spanish artists made on the international art scene.

The exhibition explores the major themes developed throughout Picasso’s career, who had an incredible impact on the history of the 20th century; art reflecting on art, the relationship between the real and the super-real* and between nature and culture, the artist’s heartfelt involvement in the tragedy of unfolding history, the emergence of the monster with the human face, and the metaphor of erotic desire as a primary source of inspiration for the artist’s creativity and world vision. The exhibition also allows visitors to explore Picasso’s multi-faceted personality, the almost symbiotic bond that existed between his art and his life, between the work that he created and the time of his life in which he created it, while history frequently made powerful inroads both into his pictures and into his life.

Picasso and Spanish Modernity comprises some ninety works by Picasso and other artists, ranging from painting to sculpture, drawing, engraving and even a film by José Val del Omar, thanks to the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi’s active cooperation with the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid. The works of art on display include such celebrated masterpieces as Woman’s Head (1910), Portrait of Dora Maar (1939) and The Painter and the Model (1963) by Picasso, Siurana, the Path (1917) and Figure and Bird in the Night (1945) by Miró and Dalí’s Arlequin (1927), along with Picasso’s drawings, engravings and preparatory paintings for his huge masterpiece Guernica (1937), none of which have been displayed outside Spain in such vast numbers before now.

Curated by Eugenio Carmona (Professor of Art History, Malaga University, member of the Patronatos del Museos Patio Herreriano, Valladolid, of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía and of the Comisión Andaluza de Museos), the exhibition spans 1910 to 1963, exploring the relationship between Art and Culture and establishing the elements that comprised that transformation – and also subsequent transformations – of artistic awareness in Spain’s cultural diversity through shared styles or common, coinciding and interacting aesthetic denominators and interests. The exhibition also shows how these shared styles developed over time and were expressed by each individual artist, in relation to the social, historical and political context in which they saw the light of day.

The exhibition is promoted and organised by the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid with the cooperation of the Soprintendenza PSAE e per il Polo Museale della città di Firenze and with contributions from the Comune di Firenze, Provincia di Firenze, Camera di Commercio di Firenze, Associazione Partners Palazzo Strozzi and Regione Toscana.  The main sponsor is the Banca CR Firenze.

This joint venture between Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, confirms the international reputation for excellence successfully built up by Palazzo Strozzi and its exhibition programme.

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Join GAREK & Aggro Santos For Fashions Finest Fabulous LFW After-Party at DISCO

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 17.12.19London Fashion Week is underway and Fashions Finest are once again producing a variety of thrilling off-schedule shows that will give guests a glimpse into the future of fashion. But after next season’s designs have graced the runway, Fashions Finest invite you to travel through time in the opposite direction, to the Manhattan of the 1970s, the birthplace of the disco movement, for an afterparty to remember.

DISCO is a brand new underground boîte owned by Inception Group, a brand renowned for its unique concepts. Guests will be welcomed through a Pan-Am inspired lounge that pays homage to the golden days of intercontinental air travel and emerge through aeroplane doors into the cool and funky interior of the club.

With a retro-inspired decor and nostalgic touches such as roller skates, cassette tapes and music memorabilia, DISCO is the perfect place to enjoy nightly live music, choreographed dance routines and DJs playing exclusively from vinyl… VIP guests will also be treated to an exclusive live performance from NYC musical sensation GAREK and Urban Music Awards nominee and Aggro Santos. Aggro will also be DJ’ing for an exclusive set for the party mixing urban and well-known tracks to get the party started.

The Fashions Finest LFW party will be held on Sunday 14 September from 8pm to close, with free entry to LFW VIP guests and £10 to the public.

Reminiscent of the glamorous Studio 54, where the fashion icons of the ‘70s used to gather to get down, DISCO is the perfect venue at which to celebrate London Fashion Week.

Celebrities, fashionistas, models and industry professionals will mingle and join in with DISCO’s midnight countdown that marks the start of a new year of disco – as well as a new season of amazing fashion in London.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be at the best LFW afterparty, with Fashions Finest at DISCO

13 Kingly Court

Open: Friday– Saturday, 11.00pm – 3.30am
Entry: Free before 11pm, £10 before 12am, £15 thereafter

DISCO is a members club. For guest or annual memberships please contact Tel: 020 7036 0609, email:
Facebook: Disco London
Twitter: @DiscoSoho
Instagram: DiscoLondon

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Shuttlecock’s Mile High Immersive Concept Dining Lands in New York with ‘Destination: London’

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 16.26.58Shuttlecock Inc’s popular London-based immersive theater and dining experience launches this fall, taking guests on a stylish and sophisticated culinary adventure to the heart of the English capital.

Following a succession of sold out events in London, Shuttlecock Inc will bring their irreverent pop-up dining series, Mile High, to New York for the first time September 24 – October 4, 2014.

Inspired by 1950s air travel, when legroom meant doing the twist and turbulence was a byproduct of the bar steward’s cocktail shaker, Mile High takes guests on a unique multi-sensory journey featuring mouth-watering food, thirst-quenching cocktails, toe-tapping music and interactive theater.

Started by the four Templeton cousins, Anna, Will, Ed and Ollie, in late 2012, Mile High is the latest award-winning success to come off their immersive experiences production line, Shuttlecock Inc. With innovative concepts ranging from The Great Indian Peninsula Railway to Rumble at the Deli, Shuttlecock Inc. have used their considerable talents to create unforgettable evenings combining flavor, design, performance and music.

Destination: London, Mile High’s first New York experience, will take place in a secret Manhattan location, jetting passengers back to the Golden Age of air travel when rush hour scrambles to the airport and shake downs at security were yet to be invented. Inspired by a traditional Pall Mall gentleman’s club, Destination: London will carve out a small corner of timeless British style and sophistication on the Lower East Side, a nod to the age of brandy and cigars, country pursuits and taxidermy. Filled with leather tomes, chesterfields and a touch of British eccentricity, Destination: London will surprise and delight even the most world-weary travelers.

Stepping through the front door, guests are handed a personalized boarding pass and retro passport at the check-in desk, allowing them to eat and drink ‘without let or hindrance’ throughout the night. After a crisp glass of Champagne Taittinger or two in the Departure Lounge, guests are called to board their flight to London. But instead of fighting for a window seat in a silver sardine can, travelers will find themselves transported into the heart of London’s poshest district for a night of food, drink and ‘in-flight’ entertainment.

With the kitchen helmed by talented Chef Oliver Templeton (Ollie), formerly the executive chef at Moro in London, guests will be treated to an expertly prepared four-course meal. Ollie will be putting his own unique twist on quintessentially British cuisine, consigning fish and chips to the history books in favor of Lightly smoked pigeon breast, chicory and pickled walnut, Confit sea trout, oyster emulsion, dill and kohlrabi. Bath chaps, poached baby vegetables and mustard. Treacle tart, clotted cream ice cream.

Ticket prices are $120, including all food, two glasses of Champagne Taittinger and and in-flight luxury travel essentials from Penhaligon’s.

For more information or booking, please visit:

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Blu J Bring Garage-Inspired Touch To Remix Of To Be Frank’s ‘Birdsong’

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 13.33.44A new remix of ‘Birdsong’ from After Nyne favourite To Be Frank has been doing the rounds courtesy of US duo Blu J, and now the track is available for free download.

Blu J, also known as Alex Blue and Jay Wiltzen have provided a bass heavy, garage inspired remix of the original from the Suffolk producer.

Stream the track here: 


To Be Frank also recently revealed some new material in the form of previous After Nyne Track We Love, the upbeat ‘Shot’

Expect more from Frank very soon, the multi-instrumentalist has spent his summer putting the finishing touches on his debut album.

For more information

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Steam & Rye’s Nick House Celebrates Special Occasion With Exclusive Performance By Example


Get set for a thrilling announcement. On Saturday, 13th September, nightlife entrepreneur, Nick House will host a one-off affair, with international megastar and special guest, Example to perform at his renowned, late night restaurant, Steam and Rye. Laura Wright The Sporting Soprano will also be joining the ‘Changed The Way You Kiss Me’ singer on stage especially for the occasion, and guests can expect a superb performance with fire shows, and the much-loved Steam and Rye dancers.

CIROC Vodka and Pops, will support the special evening with premium drinks and champagne ice lollies, and a DJ will be spinning the decks, all night long…

Created by Nick House and British model and actress Kelly Brook, Steam and Rye is an American dream on British soil. The venue is a spectacular 550 capacity space harking back to a bygone era, encapsulating America’s Gilded Age, a time of glamour, decadence and idealism in the old bank of New York building in Bank, the heart of the City of London.

For VIP dining and drinks carriages get in touch with Steam and Rye on or call 020 7444 9960.

147 Leadenhall Street, EC3V 4QT
September 13th
7pm – 3am

T: 020 7444 9960
Twitter & Instagram: Steamandrye

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Androgyny Rising: Harvey Nichols Launches His & Her Wear Section on Website

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 15.10.13

Givenchy Grey Rottweiler Print Cotton Sweater £445.00

The fashion world has been moving towards a more ambiguous way of dressing, seen across the industry from Givenchy’s use of campaign images and Saint Laurent’s unisex collection, to the rise of transgender model Andreja Pejic.

This trend is now hitting the streets of the UK, according to research released today from the luxury retailer Harvey Nichols which reveals that almost half of all Britons regularly wear items of their partners clothing (48%).

To capitalise on this trend Harvey Nichols is launching an ‘his&her wear’ section on its website featuring a wide range of gender neutral clothes and accessories.

The trend has also been showcased in the retailer’s latest shoot, featuring male model Travis Smith.  The shoot identifies key elements of this trend, which moves away from the traditional androgynous themes giving men and women a new merged style.

Androgyny has been the dominant theme in fashion over the years, as a form of sexualised masculinity for women, it was concerned with breaking down traditional roles and played on the contrast of wearing clothing specifically not intended for your gender, such as the classic YSL ‘Le Smoking’ look of women in tuxedos, it was meant to be impactful, making a strong statement on gender roles.

However the new wave of Ambiguity is different, those marked divisions between the sexes have been blurred and it is instead morphing both genders into a new uniform style worn by all. Softer and less obvious it is a subconscious blurring between masculine and feminine that exists within their current lifestyle, these uniform items are meant for both sexes, for example it is no longer seen as unusual for a man to wear women’s jeans because they prefer a slimmer fit.

Harvey Nichols buying team reveal that this season’s cult items are the same for both men and women. Key items such as bomber jackets, polo-necks, leather tops, high-top trainers and brogues have all performed as best-sellers across both departments. Harvey Nichols highest selling items over the last year have been the same, such as the Givenchy Rottweiler collection and Valentino camouflage trainers, these cult products are desired by both sexes.

Harvey Nichols explains, “We have seen huge similarities in the key trends for men and women this season and brands like “Nudie” and “V Files” actually producing unisex ranges.”

To cater to this new demand for a unisex look, Harvey Nichols has unveiled a new ‘His&Hers’ category on its website.

This theme also seems to have affected beauty trends with a key development this season being clean, totally neutral faces. Harvey Nichols explain “this season the look is no mascara, moving away from any feminine shapes on the eyes, focusing instead on creating natural skin, the face is left neutral, as seen as the Philip Lim AW14 show”.


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Oxford Playhouse Announce New Season At Burton Taylor Studio


Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.34.30


Oxford Playhouse’s studio theatre, the Burton Taylor, has announced its stunning new season line up taking you from September 2014 to January 2015. Visit this intimate 50-seater venue showcasing some of the best small-scale productions being produced for children, teenagers and adults alike. If you are yet to pay a visit to the Burton Taylor Studio choose from the excitingly broad range of shows this season and discover why  Burton Taylor audiences keep coming back for more!

The BT Studio has plenty of hot tickets to keep you warm as we head from autumn through to winter. We’re keeping the festival spirit going with incredible shows straight from the Edinburgh Fringe, including the deliciously dark Dead To Me. We also have fantastic artists from around the country in the building, including Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe with I Wish I Was Lonely, and Tristan Bernays who presents The Bread + The Beer.

Highlights from the student season include the exciting annual Cuppers Festival of short performances by first years, to new versions of plays by theatrical legends such as Berkoff and Pinter. For children, and their families, there are still a few tickets for our brand new show What To Do When You Find A Dinosaur. In October we’re throwing open our doors to make a Fun Palace and, come December, Santa’s elves will once again turn the BT into a winter wonderland for Hurry Up, Father Christmas!

By the midwinter of January there’s something for everyone, with comedy, music, poetry and new plays to see out 2014 and welcome in the New Year. We hope to see you here very soon.

Book your tickets now to get your picks of the season, with prices from £5.50 to £10. Whether you are a seasoned visitor to the Burton Taylor Studio or are yet to discover this intimate venue, we look forward to welcoming you. To book tickets for shows at the Burton Taylor Studio, contact Oxford Playhouse Ticket Office on 01865 305305 or visit

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Turner Prize Nominee Mark Titchner Produces Public Artwork For Camden

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 15.18.33A new public artwork by Turner prize nominee, Mark Titchner, recently commissioned by Camden Council has now been installed at 5 Pancras Square.

Camden has a rich history in supporting public art and has a reputation for excellence and innovation within the creative sector. Camden believes that investing in public art is an important part of its public service.

Mark Titchner used the historic motto of the Borough of Camden: “Non Sibi Sed Toti”, and translated it to mean: ‘Not for self but for all’. This motto has been reinterpreted for a new generation of communities across Camden. The text relates to the concept of self-governance and Camden’s responsibility to the wider community.

The installation lights up at night and acts as a beacon for the new community building. Different influences that Mark used for this design came from sacred geometry, Islamic design, Baroque art, Victoriana, and even the British Library and British Museum. These references reflect the history, future, and diversity of the borough.

Councillor Theo Blackwell, Cabinet Member for Finance and Technology, said:

“The work comes at no extra cost to the taxpayer. It’s important we can still find ways to invest in public art even when times are tough. Titchner’s piece is a fantastic addition to Camden and King’s Cross and is a reminder that our public building is for the people of the borough.”

Mark Titchner, said: “I’m very excited to have this work installed in this rapidly developing area of London, a new zone that could scarcely be imagined just a few years ago. There is a particular personal resonance for me both as a Central St Martins graduate and for someone who’s first job after art school was on the adjacent York Way in 1996. I could hardly have dreamt of the existence of this work back then.”

The new building, including the art work, has been designed to offer something for everybody. It has been provided at no additional cost to Camden’s Council tax payers and is projected to provide the Council savings of £2.5 million a year, rising to £4.5 million. It will be one of the greenest buildings of its kind in the UK after achieving an “Outstanding” sustainable design rating.

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