After Nyne’s Editor in Chief Reads From #ToTheLions, Debut Poetry Collection For Dagda

A little #ToTheLions teaser ahead of the book’s publication by Dagda Publishing on Sept 30th.

It’s After Nyne’s Editor in Chief, Claire Meadows, reading ‘Mortal’.

If you like what you hear, you can pre-order the Kindle version (links in the video description).

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Frank Zappa’s Acclaimed ‘Apostrophe (‘)’ To Be Re-Issued On Vinyl, October 20th

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 14.00.16“Truly a mother of an album.” – Rolling Stone (1974)

Frank Zappa’s Apostrophe (‘) was originally released on March 22nd 1974 on DiscReet (Zappa and Herb Cohen’s label). An edited version of its lead-off track, “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow”, was Zappa’s first chart single, reaching position 86.  The album also peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Charts, and would end up becoming Zappa’s highest-charting album.

Continuing from the commercial breakthrough of Over-Nite Sensation (1973), this album is a similar mix of short songs showcasing Zappa’s humour and musical arrangements. The record’s lyrical themes are often bizarre or obscure, with the exception of “Uncle Remus”, which is an extension of Zappa’s feelings on racial disharmony featured on his earlier song “Trouble Every Day”.

Frank Zappa is a man that needed no introductions being a guitar virtuoso, songwriter, composer, record producer, and bandleader. Zappa was posthumously inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame in 1995, and was listed as No. 71 in Rolling Stone’s ‘100 Greatest Artists Of All Time’, as well as No.22 in Rolling Stones ‘100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time’. Zappa continues to remain a timeless influence on many modern artists, and this album showcases what is to be considered his best work.

Track Listing

Side one
1. “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” 2:07
2. “Nanook Rubs It” 4:38
3. “St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast” 1:50
4. “Father O’Blivion” 2:18
5. “Cosmik Debris” 4:14

Side two
1. “Excentrifugal Forz” 1:33
2. “Apostrophe” 5:50
3. “Uncle Remus” 2:44
4. “Stink-Foot” 6:33

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Solo London Show For Jeffrey Kroll, First Artist to Wed Mobile Photography to Painting

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 16.12.32Mead Carney Fine Art in conjunction with Samsung presents, “Strata” an exhibition by Jeffrey Kroll, from September 23, 2014.

The exhibition will present groundbreaking artworks wedding mobile photography to painting, the first use of mobile photography in the service of fine art.

The “Strata” works by Kroll are a visual drama, a subtle and deceptive interaction of painted space and digital space; a fusion of monoscopic space from the eye of the camera and stereoscopic space from the vision of the painter. The use of mobile photography in tandem with painting is an unprecedented innovation. The power of painting imbues the digital medium with a deeper more profound resonance.

Jeffrey Kroll is the first solo visual artist to be supported by Samsung. It is Kroll’s intention to humanise the digital format and bring it under the control of the painterly sensibility. In a world glutted with digital reproduction “Strata” reintroduces the hierarchical force of painting.Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 16.12.41

Acclaimed American printmaker, Ken Tyler, who has worked with artists from Lichtenstein to Hockney and has exhibited at the Tate Modern was quoted recently: “the marriage of new technology and ideas with art techniques ancient as civilisation itself; this is a dichotomy ideal for artistic collaborations. The art business isn’t doing enough to celebrate and combine the technology of digital imagery with the power of the human hand. Yet there are great possibilities, maybe even the greatest artistic opportunities lie ahead.”

New York born Kroll is based in California and the UK. His work is widely collected from a diverse audience like the famed French lm director, Francis Veber, to the de Rothschild family.

He has exhibited in many countries and in venues as diverse as the Louvre, Le Carrousel de Louvre, the Saatchi Gallery, the Velan Foundation of Contemporary Art, Turin and many others. He was an artist of the 2012 Olympic Games, invited to launch the Cultural Olympiad. e Times described his work as “striking, colourful and beautiful”, by Tatler as “extraordinary and beautiful” and by Anthony Hayden Guest, “Kroll conducts us through a shiing space, which is phantasmagoric but as “real” as geometry or physics, enabling him to make paintings of haunting beauty”.



September 23 – October 4th, 2014.





STRATA An exhibition of new works by Jerey Kroll Mead Carney Fine Art Sponsored by Samsung Co-sponsored by Leviev Diamonds and Jetrix

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Shining Like A Diamond, North London’s Delaire Releases Debut Single ‘Sold Our Love’, October 1st

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 14.45.40Based in Islington, North London, Delaire  is set to release her debut single ‘Sold Our Love’, produced by Julian Simmons (Ed Sheeran, Midlake, Bleech), this October.

Citing her key influences as Fleetwood Mac, Blondie and Donna Summer,  24 year old Delaire (aka Jenny Burdon) creates disco infused pop laced with clever hooks and oodles of character.

This summer DELAIRE has performed alongside the likes of Daniel Avery, Woman’s Hour and Rosie Lowe at Farr Festival, and she sold out her first headline gig at St Pancras Old Church on July 23rd.

Drawing inspiration from the spectacular Delaire Sunrise Diamond, her addictive melodies are only matched by sensual, yet subtle lyrical stylings.

See the video for Sold Our Love here


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‘I’ve Got Some Fire Back In Me’ – After Nyne Meets….Tinchy Stryder

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 17.20.54Tinchy Stryder is a man who really needs no introduction, but we’ll do it anyway. Since the self-funded, independent release of his debut album ‘Star In The Hood’ in 2007, Tinchy has sold over 2.5 million records in the UK alone. He has had 2 x no.1 singles, 7 x top 10 singles, 12 x radio 1 playlisted records and 1 x top 3 album to date.

He has embarked on 5 headline UK tours, performed regularly on the festival circuit and amassed over 100 million YouTube views. Alongside his career as an MC, songwriter and producer, Tinchy Stryder has proved himself to be a thriving entrepreneur with the launch of his Star In The Hood clothing In 2008, and his Cloud 9 headphones (in partnership with electronics brand Goji) in 2012.

He’s back with a new album 360º in the autumn. The remix for his single ESG was released on Monday, and we caught up with him to chat about his new work, how he’s treading uncharted emotional territory, and find out what advice he has for up and coming artists.

Tinchy, your latest album 360º  has been described as your most ‘sonically ambitious’. What makes it so?

I feel like I’ve got some fire back in me. I don’t want to say I was ‘content’ – but it feels like something sparked in me. It’s got that fresh feel to it, I haven’t held back on the production or anything – it’s more like an album of music, everything blends in and we weren’t making this song for this or that song for that, I’ve learned that music is emotions and feelings and you can’t keep trying to add everything up and work everything out. 

You’re delving into previously unexplored emotional territory with this album. What made you want to open up in this way?

I’ve grown up as a person. I say that when you first meet someone, it’s just a hello, but as you meet someone more you start to open up more – this is my fourth album so I feel like it’s the right time and I’m at that stage. A lot of people might know me but I’m not someone who lets people in as much. Once you get to know me I’m easy going so this time round I thought you know what, I’m going to be speaking about how I’m feeling – it’s all good and everything happening in my day to day life and over the past few years I’ve just put into one project.

Why have you steered away from using mega names on 360?

To be honest there were some tracks that I had ideas to do with some people who are quite successful in the industry, but it was more of a thing where whatever sounded right to me was more important than trying to get this person or get that person. If I feel like someone’s voice can feature in this better than someone with a ‘bigger’ name I’m not just going to go with the bigger name. I didn’t purposefully steer away it just happened naturally. Not saying anyone who’s got a name is lesser than anyone on the album, this was just how it naturally happened

Tell us about the single ESG. What inspired the track?

Its one of those cultural things. I’m from east London and I felt like I wanted something that had that vibe and bounce to it from when I first started writing lyrics and spitting. It’s the same with the album, just in case you might not know, well this is where I’m from.

Was it a tough call to abort the fourth album that already spawned three hit singles? Take us through your thought process a little.

Yeah, it was in a way – I was thinking woah, people might have been waiting for this album, but I didn’t want a compilation of tracks, and that’s what it started feeling like. Too much of something is never good, I had too many songs and I was lost to pick what to use and I started to think, OK, I need to start afresh, and so that’s how that came about. It was tough but it was a decision that had to be made. That’s how I’ve approached this album, you have to be tough on yourself – even if people are saying I have to do this or that, I have to go with my heart.Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 17.20.40

More than one string to your bow indeed – not only music, but your clothing line and the Cloud 9 range. Was it always your plan to branch out past music?

In a way yeah, I’ve always thought bigger, it’s a bit world and there’s a lot of things you can do – luckily for me, everything from the headphones and the clothing line came naturally off the music and it’s what I do, headphones, I use that daily and I guess everyone does one way or another, and clothes – we all wear clothing – and it’s part of my image. It was never really my plan, I just started to think, imagine if one day I could have my own clothing line and then it all just started coming – so you never know what’s around the corner, I just keep focused and I understand that there’s a lot of things that can be done and don’t just limit yourself.

How important was it to you to set up your own label? What advantages/disadvantages do you find this gives you?

Well the disadvantages are probably like, when you’re with a major label it’s like a big machine and everything’s on different levels and the money they have to put on a project, but the advantages on my side having my own label are that now everything’s up to me and the full creative control is back with us – I’m at a stage where I can go a bit bigger and do things my way –  might take a different route, and maybe it’s not as quick or sudden without a big machine behind you but that’s all part of it and to me, those are the big advantages, because now there’s no set rules, I’ve learned more about music having my own label, educating myself.

You were still a student when you had your first Top 3 hit. What advice does the Tinchy of now have for the Tinchy of then?

You know what, just to enjoy all the moments and take it in because when you’re in it it’s hard because you’re just part of the life and you’re like ‘woah’ but when you look back you realise that you’ve done and achieved quite a bit. So if I could advise myself it would be to enjoy the moment an embrace it, embrace the journey and stay focused – a bit more that you were!

Finally, what’s your advice in general for someone trying to break into the music industry?

It sounds a bit cliché when people say ‘be yourself’ but really and truly that’s all you really have to be – there’s only one of you and trying to be someone else is harder than being unique. So be yourself, focus, have faith and work hard – what’s meant to be will be, nothing great is easy so you have to just embrace the journey.

Keep up to date on all things Tinchy at 


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After Nyne HQ’s August Music Recommendations

It’s that time again. A little later than we would have liked it to be – we’re currently beavering away at the HQ on Issue 4 of After Nyne Magazine – but here are the highlights of what we’ve been listening to for the past month.

Tweet us at @AfterNyneHQ to let us know what you think of this month’s selection


Olde Worlde – ‘Stuck in Hibernation’ 

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 14.28.25Olde Worlde is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist, Sohhei Numata. Born in Machida, Tokyo, Olde Worlde releases his brand new album The Blue Musk-Oxen in the UK on September 1st. Recorded, produced and mixed by Brad Wood (The Smashing Pumpkins, Ben Lee, Sunny Day Real Estate, Tortoise) it features current single Stuck In Hibernation – which is picking up airplay across BBC 6 Music, including spins at Lauren Laverne. On his debut album The Blue Musk-Oxen, Numata plays guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, piano, keyboard and moog.

Getting to grips with many a 90s US Indie Rock and Power Pop band through his radio, the traits of these come to the fore on The Blue Musk-Oxen. From former single Your Bird’s delicate lilt and simple melody, through to Stuck In Hibernation’s more fractured guitars and buoyant pace, The Blue Musk-Oxen is made a bright, sun-kissed, collection thanks to Brad Wood’s production.

Stream ‘Stuck in Hibernation’


Larkin Poe – ‘Crown of Fire’

They say madness runs in the family. They say the same about creativity and passion. That’s good news for Larkin Poe’s sister duo Rebecca and Megan Lovell, the descendants of tortured artist and creative genius Edgar Allen Poe.Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 14.34.17

“We have a very colorful family history,” explains lead singer/guitarist Rebecca, 23, who also plays mandolin and violin. “There were a lot of creative, hotheaded, and intelligent branches that went against the grain in our family tree. Our paternal grandfather suffered from schizophrenia, while our great, great, great, great grandfather, Larkin Poe, was a Civil War wagon driver turned historian and a distant cousin to Edgar Allen Poe. Growing up with their crazy stories definitely shaded our perception of normal. As artists, I think some of those innate eccentricities, passed down from generation to generation, have been even further exaggerated in us!” Megan, 25, who contributes lapsteel and dobro to the line-up, chimes in, “As sisters, we just wanted to pick a band name that had familial significance, so we decided to give a nod to our ancestors and take on the name Larkin Poe.”

The Atlanta-based sisters celebrate that unique genealogy and their own eccentricities with their debut full-length album, “Kin,” on Restoration Hardware’s label RH Music, produced by Chris Seefried (Fitz and the Tantrums, Lana Del Rey) in Los Angeles and Damien Lewis (Rihanna, Rita Ora) in Atlanta.

“I think our fans will be surprised by this album,” states Rebecca proudly. “In our previous projects, there was always this pervading polish of “politeness.” In this project, that polish isn’t present. ‘Kin’ is the first Larkin Poe album where we were able to bring a bit more of our stage show into the studio and capture some grittier, edgier stuff. We can rock-out on guitars like the boys… so why not go ahead and do it? We let our freak flag fly a little higher.”

Stream Crown of Fire 

Larkin Poe’s album ‘Kin’ is released August 25th.


Spring King – ‘Can I?’

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 14.42.05How to follow the riotous garage stomp of ‘concept single’ “Mumma”? With a 5-track EP – a first for paradYse records, which stretches the band’s sound into thrillingly tuneful new territory.

Production wunderkind Tarek Musa leads his charges of Peter Darlington, James Green and Andrew Morton into darker, anthemic territory with lead track “Demons”- a song recorded in the pitch black as the band pioneer ‘Method recording’, documenting a personal battle of will, juxtaposed with the energetic instrumentation of “uplifting tempos that make you want to shake”.

Recorded in the soon to be legendary bathroom studios. Yes – a studio in which the bathtub was pulled out to accommodate the drumkit, this EP showcases the live furore of the band’s show – bringing to mind the ambition of Funeral era Arcade Fire, with the pure Garage punk of The Reatards and a shared passion for Bossanova – tracks like “Can I” with their call of “It takes some time to clear my mind”, in-fact bury their way into yours, whilst showstopper “Let’s Ride” will blast away and cobwebs hidden behind the sink, with any other band wishing they had a tune as strong as “Better Man” for a lead single!

Stream ‘Can I?’

“Demons” EP released 8th September 2014 on Transgressive/paradYse

Spring King on Facebook


Antonio Paul – ‘Modern Daze’

Antonio Paul is the recording project of Marc Antonio and Michael Paul, that sometimes manifests as a live band. Created from the depths of the deep south of Western Australia, with the intentions similar to any art project that is packed full of social commentary, anti-establishment spunk and the critical analysis of a generation. Sonically serving the purpose to bridge the gap between bands and new wave electronic producers.Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 14.48.35

Antonio Paul have come a long way since their self produced and recorded track ‘City Dreams’. Since then Marc Antonio and Michael Paul from Bunbury, Western Australia have been busy crafting their tunes and working with upcoming local directors to produce their music video clips.

In this short space of time the boys soon clocked up a strong fanbase both in Australia and Overseas and have supported the likes of Jinja Safari, San Cisco and Snakadaktal.

Antonio Paul created a bit of a buzz on music blogs and college webzines overseas and currently have the interest of some of the World’s leading record labels and booking agencies, and in more recent times have acquired  a young gun at Island Def Jam joining them as co-manager for the  USA… it’s the UK’s turn with Antonio Paul’s new EP Modern Daze.

Stream Modern Daze

Modern Daze EP released September 8th

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Get Enchanted This Thursday at Sloane Avenue Speakeasy Barts

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 12.47.40Forget Party in the Park, Proms in the Park, or any other outdoor entertainment event taking place in London’s luscious green foliage this summer (aka soggy wet lawns, surrounded by dripping wet trees), as this Thursday 14th August, Barts secret speakeasy bar in Sloane Avenue will be partnering with Hendricks Gin to host an Enchanted Garden Party, where the only thing pouring down will be the drinks!

On entering the secret garden, dressed with Ivy and lit with twinkling fairy lights, guests will be able to enjoy complimentary cupcakes, sandwiches and glorious Victoria sponge, followed by a special HENDRICK’S Gin Tea Tasting, to be enjoyed alongside a TInkerbell toe tapping soundtrack played by a heavenly harmonic Harpist. As always the dressing-up-box will also play a part, and there will be an abundance of fairy wings flying around for guests to capture and add to their costumes.Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 12.48.02

Barts was opened five years ago and was London’s first ‘speakeasy’ style bar located on the prestigious Sloane Avenue. It is the brainchild of Duncan Stirling and Charlie Gilkes, the dynamic duo that own the Inception Group that also comprises of the highly successful 80’s themed nightclub, Maggie’s and an Englishman’s Italian, Bar, Pizzeria and Karaoke, Bunga Bunga in Battersea. This summer they will also be launching Mr Fogg’s in Mayfair, a recreation of the actual home of Jules Verne’s most famous adventurer, Phileas Fogg, as well as a Disco, an underground boîte in Soho, inspired by the disco movement, which started in 1970s Manhattan. They have recently launched Cocobananas, a nightclub based on a Brazilian beach party and will launch Beaver Lodge, a cabin bar and dance saloon based on the winter cowboy log cabins found in Wyoming this autumn.

So for an evening of Top Tea, made with Top Tipples, take a trip to Barts

Thursday 14th August 2014
From 6pm

T: 020 7581 3355
FB: Barts
T & IG: @BartsLondon

Opening Hours: Sunday – Tuesday: 6pm-12am
Wednesday – Saturday: 6pm-1am

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Bold, Innovative, Provocative: Secret Theatre is Coming to Oxford 2nd-13th Sept

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 16.54.17


Oxford Playhouse is delighted to announce that the hit season of shows that took London by storm, Secret Theatre, is coming to Oxford from Tuesday 2 to Saturday 13 September.

Throughout two weeks, Secret Theatre sees five different shows performed by 20 artists on the main stage, back stage, in the Burton Taylor Studio and in a secret off-site location. The titles and authors will be kept a secret, creating a genuine surprise and an intriguing chance to discover something new.

Audiences could see a classic play, an adaptation or a brand new show. All will be revealed… but only when the curtain goes up. Tickets are priced at just £11 or £18, encouraging audiences to take a chance on this bold theatre experiment. This thrilling concept has been created by the acclaimed Lyric Hammersmith (Three Sisters, Punk Rock, Mogadishu). Secret Theatre’s inventive style has taken London by storm, receiving rave responses from theatregoers hungry for something new.

This is a rare and exciting chance to judge a play on its own merits not on preconceptions – come and be part of this exciting theatre festival right on your doorstep.

Tickets for Secret Theatre at Oxford Playhouse start at £11 and are available from the Ticket Office on 01865 305305 or book online at


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Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Awards $500,000 to New Museum to Advance Scholarship in Contemporary Art

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 14.27.19


The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded the New Museum, New York City, a $500,000 grant to expand scholarship on emerging art and ideas. Awarded over three years, the grant will support the special position of Research Fellow and make possible a combination of public and private seminars advancing research around new and evolving issues in contemporary art. The Mellon grant will also help support the relaunch of the Museum’s seminal Critical Anthology Series, which presents cultural debates and interdisciplinary discussions around timely and urgent topics in contemporary art.

The Research Fellow is a full-time, two-year rotating position for a postgraduate or predoctoral candidate working across the Curatorial and Education departments led by Massimiliano Gioni, Artistic Director, and Johanna Burton, Keith Haring Director and Curator of Education and Public Engagement. Encouraging dedicated concentration on research and scholarship, the position provides an invaluable opportunity for emerging young scholars to collaborate with and learn from seasoned academics and the Museum’s full curatorial team.

“Major funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation will help fuel a big leap in contemporary art scholarship,” said Lisa Phillips. “The Foundation’s support previously enabled us to launch our Digital Archive, a groundbreaking record of the Museum’s thirty-seven year programmatic history. With this new award, we will be able to relaunch our historically important publication series under the editorial leadership of Johanna Burton, and strengthen the New Museum’s position as a site of learning, teaching, and research.”

The New Museum is the only museum in New York City exclusively devoted to contemporary art. Founded in 1977, the New Museum is a center for exhibitions, information, and documentation about living artists from around the world. From its beginnings as a one-room office on Hudson Street to the inauguration of its first freestanding building on the Bowery designed by SANAA in 2007, the New Museum continues to be a place of experimentation and a hub of new art and new ideas.

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After Nyne About Town…at Fika London

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 14.10.54When we visited Brick Lane’s Fika London two weeks ago, it proved to be a much needed haven of Scandinavian cool in the heart of a heat-blasted, and very thirsty, Thursday night in the capital.

We were here to sample the ‘Hidden Folk’ concept menu – a collaborative effort between owner Sadaf Malik and designer Emma Farrarons. Hot on the heels of their ‘Wes Anderson’ theme of last year, Hidden London is designed to bring to the forefront everything that’s enchanting and intriguing about Scandinavian cuisine.

We were greeted enthusiastically by our waiter, who presented us with a (much appreciated) cocktail list, with a list of botanic-tinged beverages. We wanted to sample all but were guided by our patient waiter towards a Huldra’s Haunt (chocolate, acquavit, orange bitters) for my companion and the Goblin’s Goblet (tikki bitters, coeur de genepi) for myself.

Diving into the menu, I chose the Beetroot & Birch followed by Pulled Ox Cheek. All excellently presented – the beetroot dish is intriguingly endowed with a miniature loaf of beetroot bread, and a shot of (non-alcoholic) birch water. The ox cheek, rich and plentiful, is accompanied by artichoke, truffle potato – again beautifully presented.

My companion tucked into his ‘buried beef’ and foraged leaves, and gladly plumped for the hefty-sounding but lightly executed Elk Burger to follow. Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 14.10.35

We were too well catered for to venture into dessert – however delightful the swedish pancakes sounded – opting instead to finish our excellently priced Monteveneto Pinot Grigio.

There is something magical about Fika London. Classy, yet cosy decor, and a passion for and belief in what they do, which is fed through into every detail – from our shot of birch water with the starter, to the fairy-lights adorning the walls, to the friendliness of our waiter. A few days after our visit, I caught up with owner Sadaf Malik to find out a little bit more about the Fika mission.

Sadaf, tell us how you arrived at the Hidden Folk concept for Fika.

We wanted to see more of each other and decided to collaborate as I had previously with Danielle Dobric of Dani’s Drawings on our Wes Anderson themed event last year. We certainly had the opportunity to hang out as we chatted about different ideas. Emma’s eyes lit up when she spoke about Norse Mythology. During our research we realised how vast the subject was. In the end we decided to focus on Scandinavian Folklore which draws upon stories from the Norse Gods. The playfulness that came with the theme was perfect. Ultimately, the collaboration is somewhat selfish as we had so much fun working on it. I think that if I love what I do, the product should be something that others might love too.

This is not the first time you’ve experimented with concepts at Fika. What do you think this adds to the dining experience at the restaurant?

I firmly believe that there is so much more we can do with the food and I love the idea of bringing the whole experience to life. It is a given that the ambience and food go hand in hand but it is not that often that you attempt to bring the art on the walls to life with the help of food. It was definitely easier with the Wes Anderson theme as the food was literally inspired by the six films. Scandinavian folklore is a more vast topic and has therefore been harder to contain.

What kind of feedback have you had on Hidden Folk so far?

So far people are liking it. There is always someone who doesn’t quite get it and that is OK! You cannot please all. Then I hope that people enjoy parts of it – be it the fun cocktails, food or the art on the walls.

 Where does your passion for Scandinavian dining come from?

I am from Stockholm, Sweden and I really missed home and the food staples. What better way to satisfy such a craving than to have my own outlet. What began with a home-longing has turned into an adventure of experimentation.

What are the essential components of Scandinavian cuisine?

This could be a long list. I would say – salt, sugar, dill, vinegar, berries, white pepper, butter,

What is happening in Scandinavian dining culture that is exciting you at the moment?

I love that Scandinavian dining is finally experimenting with flavour combinations. The cuisine used to be simple and what some might unfairly call dull. But it has been given a regeneration and I am so happy that it has happened as it is bringing to life, with a new twist, classic dishes and ingredients that we can play with.

Finally, which dishes or elements of the menu do you especially recommend?

I have always wanted to use a forager and I was so excited when I finally succeeded in making contact with ‘The Forager’. They came to visit me with samples galore for a foraged goods tasting. As I am obsessed with flavours I was in heaven. What I thought was going to be a 30 minute chat about what they have was a two hour tasting leaving me elevated and excited that I would finally be able to add a little special kick to the food. I became a little giddy when I found out that they are also working with Noma!

It is so hard to choose a favourite but as it is hot at the time of writing, I would probably opt for the buried beef with seasonal foraged leaves followed by the seared gravadlax which is quite salty – perfect for a hot summer. Both dishes use similar curing methods bit a perfect example of how different the flavours are.

Fika Bar & Kitchen

161 Brick Lane


E1 6SB

Tel: 020 7613 2013 

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