‘The Flaws Are Part of the Process’ – Simon P Laurent: Artist, Director, True Visionary

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Photography, film, for me it is like breathing, like a heartbeat. There are many ways to become emancipated, to distance oneself from reality with imagination. In fact, I do not think the purpose of art is to reproduce reality. When we see the world though a different lens, it helps us understanding the space we live in, and allows us see things from a different perspective.

As an artist, I try to explore the boundaries between painting, photography, and graphic design. Not unlike the ebb and flow of the sea, I oscillate between representations (but I try to go beyond, to create my own world with my own codes) and abstractions.

My strong desire to leave the beaten path associated with non format aesthetics leads me towards having a very experimental vision of photography and art.

First of all, I would like to say that flaws are part of the process and to my own aesthetic. Moreover, I would like to add that new technology has never been an ultimate aim. It is just a tool to achieve what has to be accomplished. Digital technology is here to investigate, it modifies our perception of things and our environment: Movies and photography (digital or film) can be reworked and enhanced. When I work, I become absorbed in the process of creating an augmented reality. Several of my pictures can be seen alternatively as paintings or photographs. Other images are shown without treatment; I can play with clear-cut representation.

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The fruit of research, of a real exploration of territories, can be seen in some of my works, the result is an artifact of that technical process: a glitch.

Therefore, my work is not about autobiographical logic, although a few works do represent what I actually saw, I prefer to remember the things for myself. What really matters is what I feel, not necessarily, the way things happened. There is no distinction between my feelings and my art, refusing to see the world as it is, I try to create an altered state of reality.

There is a real mise en scene – en oeuvre – of the nature, of the environment, and barely nothing can come between evocation and suggestion, devoid of characters. I enjoy the challenge of creating emotions in this form; some of my works are often based on nothingness and can illustrate this word as void, an absence. The work is about loneliness; quite moments, shapes, volumes, illusions, and some of the abstractions are the sole projection of my subconscious.

At first sight, my works are reflective; however, like steps of life, in an evolving world, they are based on series of events and facts in which we can all relate. Most of us will be confronted with it one day or another. Dark, but also radiant, the works have a bittersweet taste. Serious subjects can be dealt with lightness.


Master Degree from the IECA (Institut Europeen de Cinema et d’audiovisuel / NANCY, France – 2004 )
Art Master Degree @ universite Lyon 2 – France ( 2005)

2012 : École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Nancy


2011 :
Le Salon d’Octobre- Group Show- Galerie Thuillier-Paris-October – 2011 – FRANCE

2010 :

« Go Away »– Online Art Exhibition – Coordination : Sheree Rensel
« Self Portrait of the Artist » – Screening – Marseille Project Gallery -April 2010 – Marseille – FRANCE
« Self Portrait of the Artist » – Screening – Hall of Young Theatre -April 2010 – Kiev – UKRAINE
« Futureproof » – Screening – Marseille Projet Gallery – September 2010 – Marseille – FRANCE
« Futureproof » – Screening – September 2010 – Koktebel, UKRAINE
« Park Art Fair International © Geneva 2010 » – Group Show – October 2010 – SWITZERLAND;
« Salon de l’automne » Group Show – Galerie Thuillier – Paris – October 2010 – FRANCE
« Puces des Arts » – Art Fair– Novembre. 2010, Bayonne – FRANCE

2009 :
« Half an hour from Paradise » – Screening – Marseille Project Gallery – September, 2009 – Marseille – FRANCE
« Projection » – Group Show – Marseille Project Gallery – Mars 2009 – Marseille – FRANCE

2008 :
« Art Now 3 » – Online Art Exhibition- London, 2008 http:www.artoteque.com/

« The Second Space Gallery » – Group Show – April 2007 – London – UK


Pierre Carniaux’s portrait ( French Director ) in «Filmer dans le Grand Est», SPRING – SUMMER, 2012
Jean-Michel Meurice’s Portrait ( French Director ) in « La lettre Filmer dans le Grand Est», SPRING – SUMMER, 2011
Featured artist in « Dictionnaire de Cotation des Artistes » Larousse publishing, 2010
Featured artist in the following book : « International Contemporary Arstists, Vol 1 » : ICA Publishing, 2010
« Platform 58 issues # 001 to #010 : collected works » 2009, “http://www.burb.com/”http://www.burb.com/
« Antilipseis magazine – #18 », 2009 –”http://www.antilipseis.gr
Portrait of Stan Neumann, in « La lettre Filmer dans le Grand Est » , Spring – Summer, 2009
« Liberation photo blog » – Liberation’s newspaper blog – 2009, http://photos.blogs.liberation.fr/
« Um[laut] magazin »- April 2009 – http://www.umlaut-magazin.de/
« Platform 58 issue # 006 »,2009, http://issu.com/platform58/docs/platform58_issue006
« L’espresso » – French Telerama’s Newsletter, 2009, edited by http://www.telerama.fr
« Wizzman’s blog » – Telerama’s French Newspaper Blog, 2009 – Interviewed by Laurent Collobert
« Dérive » – Magazine, DVD, website – topic : pictures & films, 2009
Marcel Trillat portrait’s ( French Director ) in « La lettre Filmer dans le Grand Est », Fall – Winter , 2008


Art :

As director :

« Somewhere on earth » – 2011
« The river makes no sound » – 2011

« Gap of cloud » – 2011

Documentaries :

As Director :

« Vandoeuvre ou le paradoxe de l’insécurité » – 2003
« Le centre d’Art Contemporain André Malraux » -2003
« La cathédrale de Nancy » – 2003

Artistic adviser

« Chers Amis », Riv’Nord – Rapsode – 2006

Stage Photography

« Chers Amis », Riv’Nord – Rapsode – 2006

Fiction :

As director :

« Laps of Memory » – 2004

Images taken from Simon’s work for L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture – Nancy – France –
Livio Vacchini Architecture.


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  1. Some informations about the artworks you can see above
    Series documentation
    In 2012 Lorenzo Diez, director of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure
    d’Architecture of Nancy, personally contacted me and commissioned me to
    shoot some special interior and exterior photos of this particular school.
    The school itself architecturally, is a special place and beyond its
    facade, it has great poetic strength.
    The aim of this project is to present the building in its entirety. My
    personal research and investigations on this topic led me to discover the
    beauty of its poetry. One that does not exist at first glance, but dwells
    somewhere between suggestion, perception, construction and reconstruction.
    Somewhere between the work of Mexican architect Luis Barragan and the
    School’s architect Livio Vacchini. The poetry and beauty of this building
    came to life not only in color but also black and white, as seen though my
    1- “The most surprising part of the project for Nancy, was the poetic
    design in the use of concert blades. They are space markers, light finders,
    wind stoppers, but above all, they create a faceless facade. One might
    think of Barragan, but Barragan only pursues poetry, he does not build it.”
    Livo VACCHINI; works and projects; Roberto Masiero, Author; GG Editions,

    Direct link :


    More works


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